Family Support Centre of WinnipegFamily Support Centre of Winnipeg

650 Broadway Avenue West
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0X3

"This is the place to come if you need to cry."
A quote overheard from two clients in the reception area


"Volunteering at the centre has changed my life forever."

Welcome to the FSC

The Family Support Centre of Winnipeg is a not-for-profit charity which has served the inner-city of Winnipeg since its incorporation in 1985. Our sole mission and purpose is to love, care for, and practically assist the clients we serve.

With a staff of 11 people and over 40 volunteers we have successfully supported our client-friends through almost ten of thousands of appointments, countless phone calls, and thousands of emails sessions. We have an ongoing open case-load of over three hundred clients and see an average of eight clients each day.

We have trained almost 1,000 volunteers and the exhaustive client-services we provide could not exist without the 20,000+ volunteer-hours we receive every year from those dedicated helpers who love our client-friends with all their heart.

All of our services are entirely free and completely confidential. Here are some of the beautiful things-we-do-for-love:

  • Parenting Support
  • Birth Coaching
  • ‘Triple P’ Parenting Classes
  • ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ Classes
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Gorgeous Maternity Clothing
  • Infant Food and Diapers
  • Beautiful Infant Clothing
  • Adoption Support and Referral
  • Community Seminars
  • Client Advocacy
  • Email Counselling
  • 24-Hour Helpline
  • Love
  • Infant Loss Counselling and Support
  • Women's Correctional Centre Counselling
  • Post-Apprehension Loss Counselling
  • Memorial Services
  • Postpartum Depression Support
  • Birth-Trauma Support
  • Reconciliation Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling and Resources
  • Healthy Sexuality Presentations
  • Public School Presentations
  • Resource Library
  • Legal and Medical Referrals
  • Housing Referral
  • Hope

The majority of clients we see are living in vulnerable situations. Sometimes this is circumstantial, often it is economic, and always it is relationally-centred. Our clients usually feel helpless and without hope. Their life-stories can be overwhelmingly sad and demoralizing; individuals and families trying to survive but feeling dis-empowered and in despair.

We believe it is true that needy people require good programming, but that in itself isinsufficient. Good programming needs to be coupled with meaningful relationships that are healthy and enduring ... and at the Family Support Centre, that is our specialty. And our passion.

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